What our children say about us...

Pupil Questionnaires April 2021-  If someone asked me about our school I would tell them...

My teachers are amazing. I love them. My friends are great. School makes me go … WOW! (Y2)

It's a wonderful place to learn. It has nice children and teachers. (Y2)

I love it so much. I love play time the best and the teachers are very smiley. You will love it here. (Y2)

The teachers are nice and the History is amazing and Maths is great. (Y2)

At this school they make your education fun. The school staff help you when you are sad. This is a great school. You have lots of kind friends. School is safe. (Y3)

It is a great school. It's so fun. I know I have great friends. I love reading and history. (Y3)

It is an amazing school, they will look after you if someone bullies or you are hurt or annoyed. (Y3)

You feel safe and you can tell the adults your worries. (Y3)

This school is great. There are lots of kind and caring people and some lovely teachers. We have 3 principles and almost all of us follow them. Overall I would say that our school is great. (Y4)

It's fun, most of the lessons are good and I enjoy PE and playtime, Maths, designing and making. I have good friends and everyone is nice, each lesson is very interesting. (Y4)

I love school because I love the new things that we learn and my teachers and friends because they are really supportive and caring. I feel safe in school and feel like I can trust my teachers and tell them my problems. (Y4)

This is a great school, if you are stuck on something you just need to ask for some help. My favourite thing is Art and PE. (Y4)

I feel safe. My favourite topics are History and Science. The teachers are kind and they always deal with things calmly. (Y5)

School is fun. I am not happy about how you can only play with certain people for a certain time at lunch but I know that is just Covid-19 and that when that this will end. I think there should be more Mr Risby lessons, I love them. (Y5)

It is a great school, it is very fun, all the teachers are amazing and friendly. The lessons are extremely good. I personally like reading, Art and PE. (Y5)

It is a lovely school , everyone gets on if there's a problem a teacher will always sort it out and you can make lots of friends. The teachers make work fun, they're not strict unless you don't listen because all teachers want you to be educated and St Michael's teachers do it well. (Y5)

Nearly everyone is kind, you will find someone to play with at break all the time. You learn a range of subjects and can make a lot of friends. (Y6)

It's an amazing school because we have lovely, caring, fabulous teachers that always try their hardest to make every day fun and special for us all. Everyone treats anybody with respect and I feel a lot more confident to speak up if I don't understand something. (Y6)

It is a good place to learn and make new friends. This school is also good to face challenges and get better at multiple subjects. (Y6)

It is a really nice place and the teachers help so much with our learning, but I kind of struggle to make friends because I am too scared. They help with mental health and work, I think the work is a bit too hard. When we are sad they always ask us if we are OK and that makes me happier. The things we do in work is really fun. (Y6)

This school is really good , they're quite generous and loads of fun, there are some challenges that you can complete up to your level. (Y6)

We do respect each other the majority of the time and the children in our school are lovely too. We do help each other a lot, although sometimes we do have tiny arguments, but the teachers/lunchtime organisers fix and deal with it really well and we become best friends again. Altogether St Michael's is such an amazing school, all the teachers care for their students. Head Teacher and Mr Risby are amazing, they both deal with situations amazingly and both want the students to do their best. (Y6)

Pupil Questionnaires March 2022- If someone asked me about our school, I would tell them...

It's so amazing. I love all the teachers- Reception

I think the teachers are really nice and I like my buddy (Reception)

I would say I like playtime and I like to play with my friends (Reception)

I love St Michael's, my friends are nice and I love PE (reception)

I love school - Maths is great and Art is amazing. The teachers are kind and they help us with our work (Y1)

I love my teacher because she is always kind and lovely and she cares about everybody (Y1)

This school is great, you make good friends (Y1)

I love my teachers because they help me when I am stuck (Y1)

The teachers are great and look after you when you are upset, they will help you. I like when I learn new things. (Y2)

I like PE and Maths because you get to learn times tables (Y2)

It is a nice caring school with lovely teachers and I love English the most (Y2)

I love this school, it is lovely. I love Computing and PE  (Y2)

I love my school because it makes me feel safe and my friends are very kind (Y3)

The Maths is great and I like History too, it is a great school (Y3)

I love Maths, History and English (Y3)

I love my class and my friends and PE (Y3)

This school is a perfect place for anyone to learn about amazing things (Y4)

We are on our best behaviour the majority of the time. Everyone respects one another equally. It is very easy to find friends because everyone likes to play with each other. (Y4)

I love how the teacher always sets us challenges to help us. I love this school because I have so many friends and good teachers. (Y4)

School is a place to get education and here you get more education than you think. This school is the safest school you could attend. Everyone respects each other and the teachers help sort out every problem that happens. I love my school. (Y4)

All the teachers care for their students and the playtime supervisors always have a smile. School is the best. (Y4)

This school is excellent, it is very friendly and safe. Arguments are well dealt with by the excellent staff. (Y5)

As a school I think this is like heaven. If you want to come here I would recommend it by far. The staff and teachers are very helpful and the HT and DHT are also cool.  St Michael's is the best school in Bamford. (Y5)

It is an amazing school that has nice students and staff. I joined this school this year and it puts a smile on my face. (Y5)

Our school is great and the staff help you when you are sad and PE is good (Y5)

It's a wonderful school. I've made lots of friends who are great to be around. I never thought I would have had such a great school take me in. (Y6)

I think it's an amazing school and when there are arguments the teachers deal with it. Also the staff are super kind and are great listeners. I think this school is incredible. (Y6)

It is a good school with a good work ethic and great teachers (Y6)

This school makes people feel safe and we respect each other most of the time with amazing teachers supporting you. (Y6)