Early Birds and Owls

From September 2020-21, as a result of Covid, we were unable to run our provision as we had done, from the Nursery. Instead we ran our provision for the same hours from the school hall with children in tents- one per year group, as they were for lunch- to ensure no mixing of year group bubbles. Provision was therefore necessarily more restricted to games, toys, colouring etc in the tent, with a light breakfast and after school snacks delivered to the tent 'door'. Since September 2021 we were able to remove the tents and the need for 'bubbles' and to create greater flexiblilty and choice for children but still within the hall space.

We have decided to continue to run from the hall going forward, because we need the greater capacity due to the popularity of our provision.

Our club is run by Mrs Afzal, ably supported by Mrs Rush, Miss Bevan and Mrs Syeda.

Children have access to a wide range of activities and toys. Supplementary activities are available for older children such as access to laptops, craft activities and board games. Cooking and seasonal crafts are regular features of the club, as is time for reading or homework so that parents and children have less to do when they get home.

Early Birds: 7.45-8.55am with a light, healthy breakfast

Owls: 3.30-6.00pm with a light, healthy snack to keep children going until dinner at home

Parents can use School Gateway to book sessions. Payment can be made on School Gateway or by Childcare Vouchers.

For any queries, please get in touch with Mrs Redfern via the school office.