Parent Questionnaire April 2021: Responses and actions as a result

Pupil and Parent Questionnaire Responses April 2021

% positive responses from 115 parents responses:

St Michael's provides a high standard of education                                                                                 100%

Remote learning during the spring term was well managed                                                                     99.14%

Teaching staff are knowledgeable and professional                                                                                 100%

I am confident that if my child has a problem, someone in school will listen and be able to help             95.6%

St Michael's is well led and managed                                                                                                        98.2%

My child likes school                                                                                                                                  100%

I am kept informed about events, activities and changes in school                                                           95.7%

St Michael's has coped well with Covid                                                                                                      98.3%

During Covid, regular Teams assemblies and remote or in-school class learning helped my

child keep in touch with school and improved (or maintained) their mental health                                    100%

St Michael's encourages good manners and behaviour                                                                            100%

My child knows what to do if they have a problem at school                                                                      94%

St Michael's encourages excellent attendance                                                                                          100%

Children and Parents are treated with respect                                                                                           99.14%

Christian values are evident at St Michael's                                                                                               97.4%

My child knows how to stay safe online                                                                                                      85.3%

Children are taught to respect all beliefs and opinions                                                                               99.14%

My child is aware of environmental issues                                                                                                 94.8%

Teachers comment on my child's learning which helps them to improve                                                   88.7%

My child has the right balance of challenge and support in their learning                                                   97.8%

My child has good friends                                                                                                                            94%


In the last question, ‘If someone asked me about St Michael’s I would tell them…’ we were very touched by the number of highly positive responses, several of which are now posted on the school website along with what our children said in their questionnaires. Be assured however, that where concerns or points were raised, they have been taken seriously and addressed. We know that perfection, though we aim for it, is impossible to reach, but constant improvement, including having a mind open to criticism, is vital.

In response to the analysis above we have: reviewed all responses and discussed comments at the Governing Board Curriculum and Pupil Welfare Committee, written to parents who expressed concerns inviting a discussion, reconsidered how we tackle eSafety to ensure that we are as thorough as possible, reviewed the Behaviour Policy to ensure that there is clarity about children with additional needs, worked with children who tell us they experience difficulties knowing how to make friends, continued to remind children that if they need help with anything or have a worry they only have to speak to an adult, any adult, and considered how we can further improve home/school communication and information for parents.