Pupil Questionnaire April 2024

Feedback from our children

Every year we ask our children to fill in a questionnaire to let us know what they think and feel about our school. This helps us to identify things that we need to work on to make our school an even better place to be and to learn.

We carry out the questionnaire during an assembly in the hall, where we read through the questions so that children can fill in their answer and hand in their sheet once it is complete. Year 6 pupils sit with and support their Reception Buddies.

The final question is an open text box asking pupils to write what they feel about our school. It says: If someone asked me about our school I would tell them…

Here are the responses from 2024:

Year 1

I really like St Michael's because I like learning and my teacher too.

I really like St Michael's because I like Maths.

I like this school.

I feel happy at school.

I like the Mental Health.

I love SCARF Day.

I like playing football outside.

I like Art.

I love school because they help me learn and make me more confident.

I love Maths, Art and lunchtime.

I love school and work.

I love it so much and it makes me feel happy.

I feel safe and happy at St Michael's.

I like St Michael's as it has work.

I feel amazing.

I like learning.

Excited about Art and DT.

Year 2

It's good.

I love going to school.

It's fun.

I like it.

When I am at school I feel good because I have lots of friends so I won't be alone.

The friends in school are fun, helpful, kind and lovely.

It's good, the teachers are quite nice and helpful.

It's good for learning and the teachers are helpful.It is safe.

Happy, joy and funny.

I feel safe and I like learning.

Our school is nice and students are respectful.

It is amazing because we do fun things.

I feel good, I like Maths the most.

I feel safe, happy and calm.

Year 3

I like playing and love Maths.

It is a great school, everyone has lots of friends and good teachers.

I feel safe, happy, emotional and well supervised.

I would tell them that St Michael's is the best place and I love English.

You should come to school because it's safe, harmless and wonderful and excellent for learning.

I like playing in St Michael's because it's really fun and I can't be ridiculously bored.

I feel like it is the best place to be at school.

You can do lots of stuff.

I like doing PE and break and I feel safe most of the time it is really fun school.

I have lots of friends at St Michael's, I love it. It is safe and if someone is mean they will sort it. All staff at St Michael's are kind, loving and caring.

I would say we are safe, happy and protected.

It is the best, we are loved, safe, cared, we are all kind and caring.

It is awesome.

I would tell them I like the food.

I would tell them how nice the people are.

It is safe and you have trips.

It is very safe and good hygiene with kind teachers.

This is a very kind school and lots of exciting things happen, I love this school.

Year 4

I like PE in St Michael's.

St Michael's is a nice and fun school with good teachers and staff.

Our school is amazing because the teachers are kind and would listen to you about anything, treat you with respect, adults as well.

Our school is fantastic and fabulous, we have lovely people there and everyone is respectful and kind.

Every child will be kind but if one of them is not, tell a trusted adult.

There are lots of people to play with but some teachers are a bit strict. If your child wants to join go for it.

It's really fun, you get to do lots of sport and you have fun, you can trust a trusted adult.

It's safe, after school there are clubs.

Our school is safe and hard working, we always try to improve what we are doing.

It feels amazing, so many friends to make.

I love the school, it's the best school ever and I trust all the teachers and all my best friends.

I love St Michael's because the students and teachers are nice. I trust all the teachers and best friends.

The most exciting thing about St Michael's is learning about Geography because you get to watch videos and learn about stuff in rover and what everything is called.

I like challenging work and fun trips, you never know what's coming.

I like the learning we do and the most exciting thing is school trips. I love Maths and PE.

It's alright I guess

St Michael's is a good school because people come and visit us and you do fun activities.

Out of ten I would give it an eight.

We have a very good reputation and we always have good class treats.

We have lots of fun things like archery day.

Our school has loads of fun games and you learn really well.

All the teachers are very friendly and provide fun things to do in the lessons.

All the children are well behaved and the teachers work really hard to help us learn.

I would tell them that it is the best school ever.

It's the best, we do DT and Art, PE and lunch.

The best thing about St Michael's is English and PE.

I feel safe, everyone is kind and caring, I like Geography the most.

I love going to St Michael's because it is fun and we learn a lot.

It is amazing and the children are very kind and respectful and there are lovely children.

Year 5

I would say that our school is very helpful when we have a problem and most of the time everyone treats each other with respect. Also, we all work very hard.

Everyone in our school is kind, caring and respectful to our adults in school and we all work very hard during lessons. There is always an adult to go to in our school.

Our school is brilliant. My teacher is very funny and kind. I love the way Mrs D'Costa loves duck. Our classroom is loaded with fun, the school provides the most delicious school meals. All the teachers are kind.

Our school is a very friendly school. We have very exciting days like a school theatre trip and sometimes class trips. We like to keep our humour sensible so we're not upsetting our friends. Our school is open to do competitions and if you're lonely there is someone to talk to.

The learning is really helpful and people are mostly kind. We also get lots of opportunities to go to pantomime or have lots of school treats.

Our school is a safe place that you can have fun in.

The school is amazing and it mostly has good behaviour. It is a safe place.

The learning is thoughtful and they help you use your imagination. The teachers are all very good and work hard to keep us safe and help our education.

It's mostly good but behaviour lets us down sometimes outside and inside. We all have good friends and have trusted adults but maybe they solve problems better.

It's really good and the teachers are kind and when you are stuck on a question they will help you. When you are sad there is always a good friend.

It's the best school around and PE is the best because we get to do nearly every single sport in the world and it is safe.

It's great. The teachers are so kind, everyone is so generous and caring. I aways have a great time. The teacher even makes the lessons fun! I love it. The clubs are so fun. It's such a good school.

It's a really good and caring school. The school trips are really good and I like the teachers and people. They make boring stuff fun.

I have great teachers and we have great trips, treats, shows, class assemblies and class plays.

It is a really good school and we respect each other.

This is a good school. We work hard, we are fair and nice and we will treat you right.

It is a good school with great opportunities.

Our teachers are great and they make sure we are learning properly and they always have a joke to make the learning fun.

It's the best school, sometimes when you're alone there is always someone to talk to.

There are lots of nice people here and lots of fun subjects and activities to do. There are also really nice teachers.

It is a great place to go to as a student.

My school is amazing and good.

Everybody is treated fair and kind. There are lots of nice people.

Our school has great teachers and great lessons and we have fun.

Our school is so big and people are respectful.

This school is amazing and the English and Maths lessons are awesome! We have the best teachers ever that are willing to help us when we are in need.

Year 6

It's a great school, all the teachers are kind and understanding and the learning is fun.

There are lots of opportunities for lots of different things.

All students are very kind and helpful and if you need help they will give it.

The school is a very fun place and safe at all times.

It is a great school where education is exceptional and everyone gets treated with respect and fairness. We also have lots of fun days, most of which are still educational or we're raising money for charity in school.

It's good and they sort out problems all the time.I love it here.

It's a good school and it's fun because Mr Helm shows us fun ways to learn and number learning.

Our school is amazing and a safe place. We learn and are respectful to our teachers and friends.

It is a really respectful school and the teachers are kind.

Our school is a kind place and everyone is respectful no matter who you are.

This school is full of amazing, kind people and we learn from our mistakes.

It's a nice school. Most of the time everyone is respectful and kind. The teachers are helpful.

The learning at St Michael's is outstanding. Since I joined I found that the staff and pupils are very caring and well behaved.

Our school is great because we do have fun but not everyone is treated fairly.

It is fair, had good rules and keeps us safe. They make sure we have fun but the right amount. They always listen if we have a problem.

It is a good school with good teachers and all the work we do is at a good level.

You get taught lots and it is a good school.

It is a fantastic school with great education and well trusted adults. However, sometimes I feel I don't have good friends and if I tell an adult about an argument I have sometimes they won't do anything about it. Overall it is a great school and I like it very much.

It is a great experience and I love it here.

Our school is really good because everyone is kind. I enjoy it because we have lots of different people come in to do things and talk to us.

My school is the best school around, the teachers are kind and helpful and we don't get away with behaviours that are unacceptable.

Our school is great and is very safe.

I would say the teachers are kind and make you feel included and safe.

It is fun and we do things like archery and competitions. Everyone has good friends.

This school is really good and the teachers are very kind and supportive. The work is also very good.

It's a great school and everyone works together.

It has lots of fun things, very nice teachers and very good competitions. Everyone treats everyone nice and fairly.

Everyone is kind and helpful and the teachers are all nice.