Remote / Online Learning

Since March 2020 remote learning has become a greater feature of education across the country. Throughout the March to June 2020 Lockdown we provided online learning on our VLE. Since September 2020 we added live classroom learning via Teams for individual children learning from home who were isolating, and live Teams lessons for a whole class when the bubble closed.

In the January to March 2021 Lockdown, the 109 children in school daily were taught in their own class by their own teacher while children at home joined the class learning live from home via MS Teams. There were four live one-hour lessons per day from Year 1 to Year 6, with four slightly shorter lessons in Reception to allow children their own child-led and adult-led learning time at home. Our Nursery was open throughout.

Though a challenge for teachers, this approach minimised lost learning and therefore the required 'catch up'. Teachers rose to the challenge magnificently, supported by our amazing parents. Technology was offered and loaned from school to those in need of additional devices.

The attached Policy for Remote and Online Learning and Codes of Conduct for children and parents detail how we manage this and how we keep our children safe. 

What our parents say...                                                                               (Parent Questionnaire April 2021)

My son loves the school. Students individual needs are met well. Teachers and staff have always been wonderful and supportive. I would recommend this school definitely. During pandemic school has supported us very well.

The help and support provided to [my child] (and the wider family), over recent months has been superb. I would just like to place on record my gratitude and thanks to Mrs Barratt and Mr Risby for everything they have done and continue to do.

They are one of the few schools where they have had teachers in the class room during Covid which has really helped those children in key worker provision have a sense of normality whilst maintaining effective teaching remotely. As an external pupil to the cohort [my child] has settled extremely well and that is a result of the the teachers and TA's. [My child] loves school and is thriving.

I would tell them it was an outstanding school, I have faith and confidence in the teachers. [My child] is very happy at school and he has been able to keep a routine throughout covid thank you

[My child] loves school and constantly talks about his teachers and friends and home. His learning has come on so much. Again we are thankful for the way the school operates through covid thank you

St michaels is a lovely school with a great network of teachers. Both of my children have always enjoyed their time in school and we are happy with how they are progressing through the their respective years. The way St Michaels has dealt with Covid has been outstanding!

I am very happy with the school and believe St Michael's have offered fantastic online learning, during the spring term.

St Michael's is a lovely inclusive school. I have had children  attending the school since 2010 and have never had complaint. On line learning really demonstrated just how amazing all staff are, I felt they all went above and beyond in their efforts to keep the children motivated and happy, even finding the time to reassure parents they were doing a good job. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend St Michael's to anyone.

That the school is the right school for my child. It is professional, very helpful and always has a welcoming atmosphere. It is a school that strives to continuously do its best for both the children and staff. It has also been fantastic during both lockdowns with regards to home learning - in particular the live lessons.

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