Welcome to St. Michael's Church of England Primary School, Bamford

Children attend our school from 8.55am to 3.30pm each day. This amounts to a typical school week of 32 hours and 55 minutes. Included in this time is an hour for lunch each day and 15 minutes morning playtime. Year 1 and 2 children also have a 15 minute break in the afternoon. 

Thank You once again Parents, for your continued support


At St. Michael’s every child is enveloped in a warm, safe, Christian embrace. We face our challenges together and enjoy our educational adventure. We believe and trust in each other. Our children shine brightly. High expectations, endless encouragement and quality teaching enable us all to believe in and aspire to reaching our full potential in every way. Children leave St. Michael’s knowing that with effort, commitment, engagement and self-belief they are ready to spread their wings and fly.


Here at St. Michael’s we are dedicated to providing the highest quality learning in a happy, secure environment where we value everyone as unique individuals within a caring, Christian ethos. Our pupils are proud to belong. They demonstrate enthusiasm and eagerness to involve themselves in every aspect of school life and are keen to make the most of every learning opportunity. Children have high aspirations for themselves and for each other, and move on to high school well prepared for further learning challenges. 

If you would like to visit our school to find out more, you are most welcome to make an appointment with the school office staff, Mrs Redfern or Mrs Abbott,  on 01706 369339.


Melanie Barratt

Head Teacher

What our parents say...(Parent Questionnaire April 2021- If someone asked me about St Michael's I would tell them...)

It is an outstanding and well managed school.

It is a friendly school that encourages children to be confident whilst learning

That it is a very academic and well managed school, with excellent teachers and happy children.

The school and staff are excellent and encourage children of all backgrounds, learning capabilities and needs.

A great school who always puts the children's best interests at heart. Parents are greatly valued. A school where opportunities are limitless.

That the school has a lovely family feel.

It's a great school, my child enjoys it, has lots of friends and she gets a good education.

I feel truly blessed that [my child] is able to attend St Michaels. The school ethos is kind and caring and offers a supportive learning environment that feels inclusive to all, with fantastic school leadership which was put to the test hugely during the pandemic. Our son benefits hugely from the care and attention given to him daily; from the teams in before and after school club, to the dinnertime staff and all the teachers and support workers. I would say, we are lucky and want to help the school continue it's long history of delivering such a fantastic primary education for the children who attend.

It's a fantastic school, they have been amazing throughout the covid pandemic,  the only school I know to have still done a Christmas nativity despite everything going on. My daughter loves school,  myself and her dad are over the moon with the love [my child] has for her school/teachers and friends. We can't wait for our youngest daughter to attend in a few years. We really cannot recommend the school enough.

St Michaels is a small Christian led primary school that tries to cater for every child's needs.

Fantastic school, extremely grateful that my child is starting her education within this environment. Excellent values and all children are encouraged to develop and learn. Thank You.

That it is a fantastic school. I am very pleased that my child secured a place there and feel that he will be well prepared for the demands of secondary school when that time comes.

My son loves the school. Students individual needs are met well. Teachers and staff have always been wonderful and supportive. I would recommend this school definitely. During pandemic school has supported us very well.

That the school is the right school for my child. It is professional, very helpful and always has a welcoming atmosphere. It is a school that strives to continuously do its best for both the children and staff. It has also been fantastic during both lockdowns with regards to home learning - in particular the live lessons.

Children are supported in all aspects of their learning and development. It is a safe, supportive environment where children can meet their full potential.

The school helps my children develop in the best possible way. They learn well and have lots of friends there. Teachers have always been helpful and friendly.

It is a lovely school, great teachers and well organised . Christian values are taught and acceptance of differences and other beliefs are supported.

Always happy with the high standards at St Michael's from education to staff. Any minor issues I have had in the past were resolved to my satisfaction with complete professionalism from teachers, Head and deputy Head.


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St Michael's Bamford

St. Michael's Church of England Bamford Primary School
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Main Contact: Mrs Ruth Abbott and Mrs Jacqui Redfern

Tel: 01706 369339
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