Writing Champions

Each half-term, we hold a writing challenge for pupils to tackle whilst at home. 

When the deadline for entries ends, our 'Pupil Panel' meets to determine the winners. Our pupil panel reads each entry for the phase they are judging and then deliberates and discusses reasons for the potential winners. After talks have concluded, winners are selected through a majority vote.

We have a KS1 Writing Champion, a Lower KS2 Writing Champion and an Upper KS2 Writing Champion.

We wish all our pupils the best of luck with each challenge.


  • Each writing challenge must be hand written.
  • Each writing challenge must not exceed one piece of A4.
  • Help from parents/guardians is allowed, but only for ideas and for checking spellings, sense and grammar of final written pieces.
  • Entries must be returned to school by the deadline day set.


Good luck everyone


Mr Risby

Files to Download